One day at the Time

People are born with unlimited capabilities for good and bad; they can be capable of creating new horizons, art and wonderful things; they can destroy bad cycles, stereotypes and limitations and remake themselves and the future generations to learnt from the past generation mistakes or repeat them. I believe that life is beautiful, even when life is hard there is beauty to be seen even if we refuse to look eventually beauty will found us, in the smile of the next friend we make or out there in the simplicity of nature. There are some places were life is a monster and death is the peaceful one, places where there is war or food insecurity, and despite our own problems we do live the life of other people’s dreams. There are a lot of shows about mental illness; these shows have the purpose to start the conversation since there are so many people suffering from anxiety and depression who had no received treatment. Depression if the death sentence to all life potential. It is quite the silent enemy, is a type of sadness and anger that eats you slowly inside.

Depression is not as visible as is pictured; even tho people deal with that condition in different ways is not always noticeable. The recovery is a process that takes day to day efforts, it starts by understanding that no matter how many dark days you go through you ought to make the best of this instance and then tomorrow will be better. It is important not to isolate yourself try to talk to your friends or family, you don’t need to talk about how you feel if you don’t want to, you can instead sit down to talk to come up with simple actions that can lead to improvement across all the important areas that affect your wellbeing like: physical, spiritual, emotional, your career, intellectual and social aspects. It is also important to be honest with yourself is alright to feel the way you do, and not one should tell you how to feel but at the same time you can’t allow yourself to remain in the same place for too long because life is about freedom and there are people out there who you could reach out and help and there is a journey that you need to continue even if is one step at the time. This is no professional advice and you should contact professional help if you or someone you know is suffering from Depression or other mental illness. I will also tell you about failure and the pressure of other people influence. Failure is the only road to be success because if you never make mistakes you will never truly learn or be able to understand others who might make that same mistake. There is no shame in failing as long as you can get back up again and keep trying until you make it. People are always going to tell you who you should be and what you should do because that is what they were told, that is what society always does, they divide people and label them; however you can be your own person, you can listen to the advices and critique but take only the things that are helpful to build your character and enjoy the freedom of living your life the best that you can, follow your passions and goals as far as you need to go.