The Learning Reform

As technology progresses the further apart we distant from the traditional school methods. There is one part of us who loves the experiences and interactions of being on campus; however that is not ideal for busy professionals who needs to balance a job or a family. Online learning have open the doors of many University for millions of people; in fact according to WCET (Distance Education Enrollment) there has been an increase from 1.6 to 5.8 million people who are taking online classes (2002-2014) in about 12 years. It is difficult to measure how important is to have access to education. According to the Bureau of Statistics an increase of the level of education contributes to higher earnings.

Bureau of Statistics 2017 Biweekly Earnings Average
Bachelor Degree $1,173
Associate Degree $836
High School $712
Less than High School $500

              Having a Degree will definitely help on reaching your financial goals; however if going to College is just not for you, there are many great opportunities for self-starter entrepreneurs and artist who wants to venture in the Digital World or even learn new skills you never thought you would. Society is always trying to program us to do one thing, to be one thing but reality is that in order to survive we ought to be more than that. I will ask you a question, Mention three activities you do every day that you enjoy or need to do in a daily basis?-perhaps you are a video gamer, a graphic design artist and a musician, a mother of five or maybe you are a Sales Consultant, student and a pet owner like me. There are so many things we do and so many things we can learn, even having a Degree is not going to be good enough. In the next twenty five years according to a study published in Oxford University, there are going to be new jobs out there and some of our jobs (47 % of them) might become obsolete that is why is important to be open to learn new skills. The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the world and it has come a long way from its creation in 1969. There are so many free sites like YouTube, Google, online courses willing to give you new opportunities to start your next project. The main purpose of investing in learning something new is to maximize the value of your most precious asset that we spend every day on mindless tasks instead of following our passions, we must learn to appreciate Time.

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